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The Healing Formula™ is the invention of Janice Zayas, a CNA at the time. She developed the formula while working as an in home care nurse in San Diego, CA, caring mostly for terminally ill patients. Several times she was hired to care for patients who had been bedridden for many months or even years. Some had horrible bedsores, sometimes going all the way to the bone. Some had even gone into gangrene.

At the insistence of her employers, she took her idea to an invention marketing company. We do not recommend using these companies, if you have a good idea pursue it your self. Her son got involved with the business In 1998 and began building a website and packaging for The Healing Formula™. The rest is, as they say, history.

Please see our testimonials page to read many almost unbelievable experiences of caregivers and nurses using The Healing Formula to heal their loved ones and patients of bedsores, diabetic ulcers, MRSA and much more.

Janice has since passed away but her family continues her passion for easing the suffering of seniors and those with disabilities. The work is ongoing in improving the product, packaging and the website is still a work in progress.

Now with the wonder of the Internet and the help of some good friends we are finally able to bring to those who need it The Healing Formula™, a bedsore solution. The Healing Formula is an All Natural bedsore treatment that caregivers Love and they are the ones who have made this product what it is today. 

Here are some resources for caregivers and nurses:

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Convalescent Aid Society - Convalescent Aid Society is a nonprofit organization that provides the FREE loan of medical equipment for in-home use to residents of the San Gabriel Valley. Currently serving almost 11,000 clients, CAS loans wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, and all kinds of convalescent equipment for the home. CAS also accepts the donation of new and used equipment.

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National Private Duty Association

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