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In behalf of my 100 year old sister, bedridden, I used The Healing Formula on her bedsore, and found great results.

As directed, I used it every day. I soaked a pad twice a day and applied to the wound. I would wipe it down, and leave it on the wound.

Within 3 weeks to a month, the wound was gone and had not gotten worse.

I also turned her twice a day and propped her up on a pillow to sleep at night.

I can highly recommend The Healing Formula as a useful resource for the elderly.
Kathryn Davis

Martin My husband has a bone infection (osteomyelitis) that can’t be cured and there is no longer any medication that he can use (he was on the strongest there is for months and his body is now immune to it) if he does get another infection. In March I purchased a bottle of The Healing Formula for him after reading that someone used this for an open ulcer when medications wouldn't heal it.

They were amazed at the results. My husband had a callous on the bottom of his foot that was about 2.5 inches in diameter and very thick. It had big gouges in it and we were afraid that it would break open. We were afraid if that happened, that it would get infected.

I started putting the Healing Formula on it twice a day. I am so pleased with the results. It is no longer a thick callous and it is just about completely gone. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone who has a sore that they need healing. We are close to needing another bottle as I want to continue using it until it is completely gone. I also want some on hand in case he has anything else that needs healing.

Thank you so much for a product that doesn’t just say it works, but truly does the job!! I have already told lots of acquaintances about it and will continue to share this with anyone who I feel could use it.
Denise BeanBelmont, NH

I have been your customer for over 4 years now and I can truly say that your products have been life-saving to my family. We recently ordered the Wound Care Formula and my moms bed sores have almost healed in 4 days. She has had the bed sores for over a month now and we have tried several different over the counter medications but nothing has worked.
D.J. ~ HHA Member

Dear Martin,
Hi! I bought my first bottle of The Healing Formula February 6, 2008 after seeing it on eBay. I had been searching for something to use on my son Christopher's pressure areas. Chris was brain injured during surgery when he was just two years old.

For fifteen years he never had any pressure sores so it was devastating when he came home from school with one this year. I tried everything on it. I am a Registered nurse and all the methods I had been trained to use were too invasive and killed good tissue with the bad. As long as the pressure sore remained on Chris' tailbone that meant he had to stay in bed and off his back. It had already been three and a half months of trying everything I saw online and nothing really worked. I saw The Healing Formula one night on eBay and thought it was going to be another bottle of empty promises but after reading the testimonials and looking at the photos I decided to give it a try. I had also seen that if you sent in a testimonial that you would get a free bottle so I figured if it was any good at all I'd write something nice and get a freebie. I NEVER expected the results I got. There was a big change in the pressure area LITERALLY overnight. I could not believe what I was seeing! Using the formula at every diaper change and dressing change had the sore healed in a matter of days not weeks. I was thrilled! Unfortunately as soon as I sent Chris back to school he came back with another pressure area that very day. This time I wasted no time and used The Healing Formula right out of the gate. The sore was healed and gone within ten days not the months it had previously taken. I even did my own little experiment just because I still found it hard to believe that this stuff was so magical. I put the formula on half the sore and not on the other side. It doesn't take a genius to figure out which side healed! The untreated side was still open when the treated side was closed and healed. I then used the formula on the untreated side and it was gone in no time. I have used the formula on so many things. I even dabbed a Q-tip into the formula and put it on a spot on Chris' gum that was a problem and low and behold it was cured in two days flat. I don't know what you have put in this little yellow bottle but it's truly amazing! The ingredients are simple enough so it must be the luck of the Irish in the Irish moss or some pixie dust or something that really is magical. I will never be without it ever again! It is no joke when I say it is magical! I am now coming back to buy another bottle and will keep coming back bottle after bottle. I have been telling everyone about this magical concoction and rave about it to the point that I sound like a nut or that I own stock in the company (I WISH!). So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for a miracle in a bottle. You have given my son relief from the pain of pressure sores and have given me the magic bullet to heal the sores in no time at all. You have given us a true gift!!
Liz Shames, N White Plains, NY

Dear Martin,

My sister, Linda Bish heard of you from a co-worker using your product on his father. You sent us a sample which arrived on Friday. We used it on two bedsores on my father's heels, one on his backside and two sores on his arms. As of yesterday, the heels are healed; one arm sore is scabbed over (after three weeks of trying to get it to scab over). The other two sores are greatly improved. What an amazing product! I immediately ordered a 16 ounce bottle on line yesterday. Dad's aide is amazed at the rapid healing, knowing how long we've been working with his sores. I can't wait to show the nurse on Friday! I will definitely recommend The Healing Formula to everyone! (In fact, I've already forwarded your website to a friend). Thank you so much!
Gail Gerace

Dear Healing Formula:

I have been bedridden for two years from Lyme disease. I have been fortunate not to have bedsores because of a great mattress. However recently I had one that we could not clear up no matter what we tried. It was very painful. We tried your formula and after one bottle it is almost completely gone. Prior to this it was open and bleeding. The sore was in a place we were unable to bandage with gauge. So we just washed the area and applied the solution and let it air dry several times a day. The results are amazing.
L. Ottley Highland, Utah

Let me introduce myself,, My name is Willianne, I am 50 yrs of age and the primary care taker for my mother {92} with Alzheimers she's had for 9 yrs.
I live in Ft Worth, TX. I have been using The Healing Formula for about 2 months now, I have seen her stage{1} bed sores getting a lot better, My mom has a broken leg and cannot be operated on because of her age.
Willianne, Fort Worth, Texas

Just had to let you know how wonderful I think 'The Healing Formula' is. I have hemorroids real bad.
I've tried everything to relieve the burning and soreness. Nothing seemed to work. So I decided to give your product a try. The very first time I tried it I got instant relief. The burning finally left and I could sit without soreness. I would recommend 'The Healing Formula' to anyone. Thank you for your very special product.
Shirley Hunt, Descanso, CA

Dear Sir/Madam, I purchased your product to use on a blister that appeared on my eighty-eight year old mother.

After applying the product for three days - all is back to normal. I will continue watching for any signs on her skin, but just wanted you to know that it did work. Thank you very much. I will tell others about your product.
Camille Bogel, Houston, TX

One of my Hackney show ponies got his face VERY messed up by a visiting horse - took all the hair off, scraped up the skin, etc.

I used ONLY your product and got results very quickly - he looks so much better. I had to keep him out of the sun for a while it was so bad. I think I can turn him out now with sunscreen on, but wanted you to know that your product worked again.... I already gave you a testimonial about the abrasion on my arm going away within 48 hrs (unusual for me since I am a slow healer). Also I have emailed you about this product being a prime cleanser for women's skin.
Dee Schauer, Boyd, TX

Dear Sirs: Just wanted to tell you what a fabulous product you have. You probably have not heard this one, but I have a 10 year old dog with DM (degenerative myopathy) who has lost the use of his back legs. Due to my ignorance, I did not turn him enough, & he developed a sore on his hip almost down to the bone. After only a few weeks with your product the sore had closed up & no infection had developed. I was so relieved. Thank you again for a wonderful product.
Cora Jevas, Kettle Falls, WA

Since we have started using your product My mom had bad spider veins on her legs and a real bad fungus under her toenail. While I was treating that bad wound on her leg I would wipe over.
Joan Greene, Ocala, Florida

Hi Martin, I heard about your solution from a friend's friend who purchased it for her son who had an unresponsive bedsore.

I am a speech and language pathologist and work with children who are in wheelchairs due to cerebral palsy or other conditions. However, I was interested in your solution because my mother who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, more commonly known as emphysema, has been treating a bedsore for the past 4-5 months yet a small lesion still remained. My father has been using this with my mother and has not only gotten rid of the last of this one bedsore, but has prevented others from developing into open sores. Because my mother's skin is so thin from her use of prednisone, she frequently has cuts and scratches that take a long period of time to heal. Now when she gets a cut or scratch, my father applies your solution and it quickly heals without any complications. My parents and I are glad to have found out about your product and have made a concerted effort to tell the hospice nurses that help with my mother's care. Thank you.
Pam Harnden, Tucson, AZ

I have not had any contact for quite some time and am sorry I did not let you know the outcome of using the Healing Formula.
My husband is paraplegic and a double amputee and has had a lot of problems with decubitus ulcers but last September the hospital sent him home with a new one that they had put on him when they drug him across a catscan table without enough help. He had a half dollar sized area that was black and hard and was surrounded by purple. I did not want the doctors to debride this area because they always had taken too much good tissue and it took years to heal so I was desperate to find something else that could help. I found the Healing Formula on the internet and though skeptical I knew that aloe vera did have healing properties so I was willing to try. It was amazing! In just two months you could not tell that the place had been there. I would scrub it twice a day with the Healing Formula and then do a wet to dry dressing with the Formula. Most of the dead tissue peeled off in layers. Thank you and God bless you, my husband is up and back in church now.
Deborah Young, Point Pleasant, WV

I am the parent of a 16 year old with cerebral palsy. My son developed a sore that wouldn't heal. I wanted to share with you the miracle we found at http://www.bedsoresolutions.com.

I was doing a search for more information when I came across this website.
Sherry Smith, Huntersville, North Carolina

On January 1st of this year, 2003, I began chemotherapy for my liver. I knew of multiple side-effects that would occur, including hair loss, skin lesions, fevers, etc. so was 'prepared' for these to happen. However, the skin lesions on my arms were so numerous and so painful that it became a mental challenge to "stay ahead of it" and deal with the constant, unrelenting pain. Many prescription and over-the-counter treatments were tried with only moderate success. Finally I decided, being a horse trainer/breeder/divhysical therapist, to start treating my own arms the way I would an injury on a horse's leg. This INCLUDED using the Healing Formula.
Dee Schauer, Boyd, Texas

My wife came home from the hospital with a 2-inch diameter bedsore at the base of the spine - despite being on a fluctuating air mattress and with orders to turn her every two hours, and despite there being a bedsore specialist on staff. I learned of the bedsore only when I got her home. A complication could have been that my wife was diabetic and the hospital hadn't been able to get her blood sugar under control in the two weeks she was there. Also, they had put a tube in her stomach for feeding because a stroke had taken her ability to swallow. Due to multiple strokes, my wife was unable to move and was completely dependent on others. I started using the ointments and creams sent home with her - Smith and Nephew Extra Protective Cream, Convatec Sense-Care Protectiv! e Barrier and Convatec Aloe Vesta 2-n-1 Protective Ointment. My wife was incontinent, which made caring for her doubly hard. I finally was able to keep the site dry by elevating her body with a sponge donut. However, I saw no improvement. A hospital advisor highly touted Calmoseptine Ointment. Still no improvement. Before long, the wound was 3-inches across and so deep there were two holes in the bottom. I got on the web and typed in BEDSORES. 6000+ entries! I printed out the first few dozen and then picked the one which said its product was patented. Turned out to be The Healing Formula. I didn't expect rapid results because I had previously tried fresh aloe with no apparent results. However, the improvement now was so rapid that I was chagrined that I had not taken a before photograph. (I never took an after, either). Within several weeks, the diameter had decreased to less than 2-inches, the holes closed and the sore became very shallow. In a little over two months, the sore was completely closed with new skin.
James A. Morey, Fullerton, CA

Hi, My name is Sandy Martin and I am caregiver for a 85 yr old woman who has been with me for a little over five years now.

She is bed bound due to previous problems with her hip and feet and is not able to move around much in her bed. She cannot sit in a wheelchair as her legs are stiff so she does have an alternating pressure mattress. In April of this year she developed a coccygeal pressure sore which quickly got worse, and another one on her hip and even with turning her, changing her and using products such as Criticare etc. it did not improve much. Her nurse practitioner prescribed home health nurses to tend to her wounds. The nurses came in daily and there was very slow, and I mean slow, progress of both the wounds. Since my lady does not have a really good appetite and her dislikes out rank her likes, I put her on another daily vitamin and protein powder to boost her nutritional intake. With all that, the wounds still progressed very slowly and of course developed tunneling. It was decided early on to put in a catheter which did help with the keeping dry. Still, very slow progress toward healing. It was finally decided by the home health agency that she would probably have to have surgery to close the wounds. This did not set well with either her or myself. At 85 and also being a mild epileptic I felt surgery would be entirely to traumatic for her, so I decided to get on the web and find an alternative. I had previously done some research and the home health agency had suggested regranex which is 400.00 a tube and we had also used a wound vac for a very short time which just irritated the heck out of the surrounding tissues let alone was very uncomfortable. My previous research had been typed in with medical terminology so I decided to just search putting in the question find natural healing remedies for pressures and up came your site. I am so glad that I found it. I called the number that day and was so pleased with the service. I received my first bottle and am not through with it quite yet, but needless to say within one month the coccygeal wound healed completely as did the hip. We are now treating a very small ischeal wound which has done beautifully with the healing formula. The day I ordered the formula I printed all the information I could from your site and presented it to my nurse who was as excited as I was about using it. Unfortunately, she could not administer it so I always do the dressings. It was explained that if something was not prescribed by a physician the nurses could not use it. No problem, I used it and now the home health agency is going to relay the information to their nurses so they can suggest its use to their caregivers. I have quite a few nurses as friends and they too are going to suggest it. It truly is a healing formula and I bless the person who developed it. I have switched my lady to a new service, whose director runs the hospice program here in Hernando, Florida where I reside. His nurse practitioner has seen the results and was amazed. I am spreading the word because I feel that the more natural we go the better it is. I forgot to mention that her ischial wound had been debrided and then she was given a prescription for a chemical debriding agent which was worthless as far as I am concerned. So, again, that you so much for such a wonderful product. My lady is so much more comfortable and almost completely wound free. Your formula did more healing within two months that all the treatment did in the previous time. If anyone would like to contact me my e-mail is sam502@atlantic.net.
Charlie Stewart, Kapolei, HI

I remember we spoke last summer when I ordered a bottle of your formula to treat my mother's bedsore.

I am a home caregiver. It's true that we caregivers tend to hit the web to see if there are alternatives to medicine when facing challenges. I can only say that the sore cleared up very nicely and has not returned. I was very grateful, naturally. I'm sure it will expedite the healing of her current rash as well.
Alexandra Colmant, New York City, NY

I have multiple sclerosis (MS). Seven years ago I started using a four-wheeled walker with hand-brakes and a seat.

I was ambulatory for three years. At that point I found myself needing to sit on the walker seat much of the time, and that is when my problems started.
Cathy Sigmon, Hendersonville, NC

How can I ever thank you for your wonderful product 'the healing formula.

My mother is 91 yrs old and as a part of the aging process when confined to complete bed rest she developed a bedsore on her left hip. The lesion appeared almost over night. This occurred over the weekend and you guessed it, her Dr. was not available. Immediately we began to search the internet and found your product.
Faye H. Payne, Tazewell, TN

I had a squamous cell skin cancer removed from my left leg in October of 2007. The procedure left me with a hole in my lower leg about the diameter of a nickel.

The lesion was not too deep but did go into my leg a bit as the Dr. had to remove all of the tumor. After 3 weeks of diligently following the Drs. instructions for care, the wound did not appear to be any smaller and was still a wet, raw lesion that continued to pus. I had heard about the Healing Formula on the radio and ordered a bottle. I started to use it to clean my wound. When I began to pack the wound with gauze soaked in the Healing Formula 2 - 3 times a day, I noticed an immediate and dramatic improvement. In approximately 5 days, my wound had stopped pussing and dried out; new skin began to fill in the hole that was in my leg and the wound shrank to less than 1/2 it's original size. It is now just a small scab. I was so surprised as the Dr. told me it would take about 2 months to heal. I suffer from poor circulation in my legs which I felt would further hamper a speedy healing. So, my dramatic results under such circumstances are amazing to me. I noticed the Healing Formula did not hurt or sting the way the hydrogen peroxide purchased over the counter did. I lost my dear mother last year. She had a radiation burn on her lower leg that took 1 1/2 years to heal as well as also had a skin cancer cut out of her lower leg that was quite deep. It took 9 months to heal. I only wish I had known about the Healing Formula when she was alive. Thank you, Martin, for making Janice Zayas' formula available to so many.
Barbara Swig , Honolulu, Hawaii

Dear folks at Bedsore Solutions, I am an independent 'in home' medical assistant and caregiver.

Recently I took a difficult case with a bedridden gentleman that has two of the worst ulcers (bed sores) that I've ever seen. The surgeon said that it would take several years for these to heal up, and that was questionable. I had been changing the wounds three times per day using saline for the two changes in the day, and a Dakins solution at night. I looked on the internet to see if there was an alternative. The Bedsore Solution site really caught my attention. Rapid healing was what I was looking for because these were so deep. After the very first application I was amazed. I used it at the nighttime change so it was working all night. In the morning when I took out the packing there was all this new pink tissue growing all around it, deep inside. The hole on his hip is almost all filled in now. I am so excited about this 'liquid gold' I'm telling everyone I know in the profession. I'm so glad I went to the internet and found you. You're helping a lot of people, and their caregivers. It feels great to know that you're helping someone heal faster.
Debbie Lindsay, Sierra Vista, Arizona

Dear Sir.

Everyone I have showed the photos too were amazed how fast it works. I spent 11 months trying to heal the sore and almost $13000.00 going to the hospital and clinic here in Pierre for treatment to heal up this pressure sore on my heel, they tried everything but "The Healing Formula" and it did no good. My heel was just as bad as when I started 11 months ago. They gave up and wanted me to travel 300 miles to see a foot specialist. That's when I said No and I got on the internet and looked up everything I could on pressure sores, etc. Then someone told me about your product and how well it helped them. So I decided to try it. I was not holding my breath after all the time spent treating it without any results at the hospital, etc. After three weeks, it looked much better, so my hopes were up then. Well as you can see from the photos the super results. I am so glad I found this product. I am telling everyone about it. I applied it to a rash on my back caused by a Tens electrode, it sure helped it too. I will always keep this product on hand, and will tell everyone I can about it. Thank you again...
Gary Wallace, Pierre, S.D.
I have used your formula several times and found it to be a wonderful cure for Diabetic wounds on your feet and entire body cuts. I have recommended your product to the Northern California Roseville Kaiser Permanente Podiatry Department – Dr. Randal Simon. I have also recommended it and giving some of it away to some of the existing grocers who are also diabetic and have had some foot ulcers. One of the grocers, tried it, purchased a bottle, and used it for several months, had his ulcers healed and now swears by the formula. He along with myself: speak very highly about your product. Matter of fact, two days ago I saw him and he spoke about his ulcers being gone and his feet feeling great. I personally recommend your product almost weekly, and give your website and toll free number away consistently. Matter of fact, I give your number away so many times; I put it in my cell data base, as I was getting tired of looking it up and emailing back to friends.
Joe Mazzarella

I (and my sister) are caregivers for my mother who has had Alzheimer’s Disease for the last 14 years (she is 86 years old). She cannot speak or do anything for herself. She is in a wheelchair but thankfully she does not have any bed sores on her body. I have used your Healing Formula in the past on her skin not because of bed sores but because it was good for her skin (and it brought her cooling relief) … she is incontinent and wears adult diapers so her bottom sometimes looks red.

From February through May of this year, she had been in and out of the hospital 5 times because she developed a C-Diff infection (not sure if you know what it is but it’s an awful infection caused by the overuse of antibiotics) – it causes continuous diarrhea and awful abdominal pain … the diarrhea made her bottom very red and raw looking but thankfully both my sister and I worked tirelessly to make her better … the doctors were amazed at her recovery since a few of them already had told me that she was going to die -- but we proved them wrong.

Thank you for listening and for making such a great product.
Lucia Licciardi

My son had MRSA that started from shaving. He had not known of anyone with it except a step-grandfather who received it from a surgery on his back in a very famous Los Angeles hospital and died from it last May 2007. I've known many who have died from it. Some start out as a simple flea, mosquito, or spider bite. It becomes like a red hardered very sore mound, sometimes called carbuncles. Anyway this sickness is dangerous, and this Healing Formula is a Godsend. It absolutely speaks for itself. Wash with (non) anti- bacterial soap. Apply day and night with soaked gauze on wound or bedsore, cover with gauze and surgical tape. Store in refrigerator. No Regrets.
Sam Davis Torrance, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

I first purchased The Healing Formula about a year ago. I'm a C-4 quadriplegic and I every so often I get skin break down of about 2 to 3 layers deep on my sacral area and was searching the web to find something, anything to help heal my sore. I found the Healing Formula through a link on a blog and thought I would give it a try. At first I bought the 8 oz bottle because I am very skeptical. I followed the directions and within a week I saw pink skin forming around the outer edges of the breakdown. After six weeks the breakdown was completely gone! I do still get slight breakdown from time to time but as soon as I do I apply The Healing Formula and within a week or two it's completely gone. I recommend buying the 16 oz bottle first because it's a better value.
Greg, Salt Lake City, UT

Hello Martin,
I wanted to send you this note, letting you know that your Bedsore Solution was a god sent for my dog Bam Bam. One afternoon I decided to attempt to groom my old english sheepdog on my own, however had to cut some of his longer hairs which had become a little matted around him feet and legs. As I was cutting away with scissors, he must have moved his leg, near the base, where he bends it and yep, you are right, I cut a slice of skin so horribly bad I thought I would vomit. It was Sunday afternoon, and I had to do something. The cut was approximately the size of a quarter and at least a 1/4 inch into the skin. Of course I remembered you saying that you "potion" heals cuts, so I figure what the heck. I cleaned him up, got the bleeding to stop..which was quite a chore. Used butterfly band aids, quite a bit of your lotion and wrapped up his leg. I changed the dressing daily, in the beginning twice a day and after the first week, I actually began seeing his sore healing. Three weeks later and many changes of the gauze and band aids, his leg is as good as new. I spoke to my vet, who said that because of the location of the cut, he doubted that stitches would have done any better than what I did and he was curious to know what I used, which of course I shared with him. I truly believe that you need to market your lotion to vets, as well as nursing homes etc. I am a believer and thank you for sharing Bedsore Solutions with me.
Barbara Hohenstein

"A Marvelous Solution To Bleeding Gums"
During all this time I've had to contend with one of it's worst side effects, swollen tender gums that bleed excessively whenever I have brushed my teeth.
Charles Martin, San Diego, Calif.

We received the sample yesterday - thank you. Is it my imagination, or does this formula actually help the skin return to normal quicker?

Mom always has red spots when we turn her, and they have been fading by the time we have to move her back onto that spot. I've been using your product directly on the unbroken red spots and it seems that they disappear in about 30 minutes. Thanks again.
Stephanie, Henderson, Nevada

I just wanted to write you a short note to let you know how much I love The Healing Formula.
I had a problem with bleeding gums and bad breath. I used you product as a paste with baking soda, after 3 days my gums stopped bleeding and my bad breath was gone. I have used your product for many things. I have found nothing that it doesn't work on. Thank you for a wonderful product.
Deborah Walker, Guatay, CA

I started using The Healing Formula for a problem I have had on and off for the last year and a half called Pyoderma Gangrenosum.
I had tried various other natural remedies which simply didn't work and my doctor had suggested the only solution left would be to go on steroids. I decided not to go on steroids but to wait and see if it would go away by itself. Although it did look like it was drying up the wound again started to weep from underneath the scab which had formed. It was then that I started using The Healing Formula. The first day I used it, half of the scab simply came off my leg and I noticed a hole in my leg underneath it. Within 2 days this hole closed up and the rest of the wound is healing incredibly well. I would highly recommend The Healing Formula for anyone who has had a persisting skin problem. Thank you so much for your kindness in helping my terrible wound heal!!
Beth Kirby, Australia

My son was injured in an auto accident in 1988 and was left a paraplegic. He is prone to pressure sores due to poor circulation and inactivity.
He has had severe pressure sores on both left and right buttocks for several months. He has received wound care from Home Health agency on an average of twice weekly during this time. They continued to worsen and changing medications did not help. A wound care specialist was called in to no avail. The sores had greenish color pus and had a very distinct odor when the bandages were changed. We found on the Internet The Healing Formula and felt we had nothing to lose by trying it. After using it the first time it stopped the odor and also slowed the drainage and gave them a healthy color. We have continued to use it approximately three months and they are completely healed. Thank you so much.
Sue Copeland, Livingston, TX

Regarding your e mail we are happy to report that the healing formula is starting to work on the pressure ulcer that i have on my right ankle (which I have had for the past three years) due to circulation problems.
Carl and Ursula Major, South Hampton, New Jersey

Hello, This is Greg DePauw e-mail gdepauw@mtco.com You just asked me if I was a caregiver or a nurse.

Well, I guess I am unusual because I am the patient. I am a C, 4-5 incomplete quadriplegic who is very concerned about my heath. I take an active role...or as much as able to maintain my healthy lifestyle. I am sure that there are many others like myself that keep a check on their bodies. Anyhow I have used the healing formula and found immediate relief of pain and subsequent healing conditions on an area that looked bad. I will continue the use as needed. Your product is wonderful. I have regained partial feeling in sparatic areas over my body and can feel the formula soothing the damaged area. As an active artist and educator confined to a wheelchair I use the healing formula as a daily protection on a stubborn tender area on my right hip. Thank you for this wonderful aid.
Greg DePauw, Metamora, IL

I'm writing to tell you how much I like & appreciate your product 'Bedsore Solutions'. I recently had abdominal surgery.

My incision was about 8' long. Everything seemed to be healing ok but for one place around my naval the incision opened up, it was a spot about the size of a quarter & quite deep. Also it was very painful. I called my doctor's office & was told to mix Bedidine & Hydrogen Peroxide and put it on the incision, which I did for about 6 or 7 days. I saw no difference or healing, in fact the incision was beginning the look infected and it was puffy and red. It also looked pussy. Well I was very concerned. I found your product and I started using it twice a day. Within a day or two I could not only see the difference but a great deal of the pain was gone. As I recall it took about a week and a half and it was healed completely. Now I would recommend the product to have in the home to use or even for preventative measures.
Melanie R. Rose, San Diego, CA

My husband is quadriplegic and subject to bedsores. An area on his back between the shoulder blades had bleeding sores.
I tried many prescription ointments for the breakdown area, but could barely keep this area in control. Then I tried THE HEALING FORMULA with skepticism. I am amazed at how quickly this lotion started to heal. Within three days healing was noticed. In two weeks this area was completely healed. I now use THE HEALING FORMULA on a pink or red area for maintenance.
Drucilla Lake, Brunswick, MD

My name is Patricia Maxwell of Round Oak, Ga. I have an elder care business in my home. I have 2 elders clients I care for.
When one of them moved in with us about one year ago she had a bedsore on her lower back. It was the size of a silver dollar and very nasty. I tried all the standard applications (Zinc oxide, ginger, tea tree oil, medicated powder, etc.) She might get slightly better, but no real healing was had. One day I was searching on the web and was BLESSED to find your sight! Like most people, including my husband, I thought it was to good to be true, but I convinced my hubby to buy a sample bottle, and you would NOT BELIEVE the fast results. We immediately bought another larger bottle, and I can testify, it is COMPLETELY healed. We plan on letting all the churches, and rest homes know about this blessing so the local elders will not have to suffer, and a bed sore does make one suffer, and it is needless. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this product.
Patricia Maxwell, Round Oak, Georgia

I am writing you today to tell you about your bedsore formula. It is with deep sadness that I am writing you.

My Mother passed away on Thursday. However, I wanted to let you know that your product was so very helpful.
Mary Jo Lakner-Segal, Cleveland, OH

My name is Shannon and I am a quadriplegic from a swimming accident almost 9 years ago. I started getting pressure wounds about 6 years ago and have had problems with them ever sense.

I have had surgery after surgery done on my pressure wounds but they seem to keep coming back. I have been using the Healing Formula for about 8 months now and my pressure wound has went from 6cm deep to about 2cm deep. Now that is a big difference. I have tried different wound products but now I have found the healingformula and it really works. I have found no other wound product compares to the healingformula. I would recommend to anyone out there with a bed sore or pressure wound to try the healingformula. You will be amazed at what it can do.
Sincerely, Shannon, Decatur, IL

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful product to help alleviate bedsores. I am a caregiver to my Mother who is bedridden.

Recently she developed bedsores on her heels. I searched the internet to find answers and found your website. I ordered two bottles of the Healing Formula. To my delight, the sores are healing rapidly and two have been completely eliminated as we caught them in the early stages. Several years ago I had taken my Mother to her primary doctor for a wound on her foot that would not heal. The Primary doctor sent us to a podiatrist because he could not help my Mom. The podiatrist looked at the wound and responded that this type of wound never heals and just wrap it with a Ace bandage and keep it clean. I decided since Healing Formula worked so well on my Mom's bedsores that I would try it on the unhealed wound on the top of her foot. Two weeks later the wound is almost completely gone. You have my sincere gratitude for a Miracle product.
Janice L. Lowther, Riverside, CA

My husband, Ron Marvin, is a quadriplegic of 22 years. In that time he has always been VERY careful about not doing anything to allow the start of a decubitus ulcer.

Despite our care this past spring, March. '03, thanks to a new wheelchair cushion Ron developed not one but two ulcers. One at the very top of his leg, the other at the very bottom of his buttocks. About 1/4 inch apart. Nothing I seemed to do was of any help. I was very reluctant to call a doctor as I did not want any antibiotics and certainly not hospitalization. In desperation I turned to the 'net'. The first thing that seemed of interest was The Healing Formula. I called for a bottle immediately. By this time it was now near the end of April. One wound seemed clean and bloody, but the other developed necrotic tissue over the top and I could not penetrate that dead tissue. I used The Healing Formula as directed. Almost before my! eyes the clean, bloody wound on the leg closed completely; however the necrotic wound finally needed surgical help. The surgeon directed us to clean and dress the wound four times a day with saline and pack a wet to dry dressing. I, instead, went back to The Healing Formula directions and while only two days have passed I can definitely see this is going to produce positive results. Already the wound has a healing look to it. The visiting nurse will be back to check the wound in two days and I can't wait to hear her surprised comments on such favorable results. This formula truly is fantastic. Mention might be made that I made several calls to the people at the Tech Support number. I always received quick, courteous, concerned return calls and very encouraging direction. Great people, great product.
Gloria Marvin, Sarasota, FL

I am writing in regard to The Healing Formula. I saw The Healing Formula at a Natural Products Expo and purchased some for my own use.

I was so impressed with it that I spoke to my administrator about it. I am a Director of Nursing in a convalescent facility. We decided to give it a trial run and document the results to see if this product might be an option in treatment of skin irritations and open areas.
Jennifer Nagel, RN, DON

As a foot doctor I see all sorts of nasty wounds. I also create surgical wounds to treat patients foot problems at times.

I discovered the Healing Formula five years ago and have made it my primary treatment regimen for ulcers as well as surgical defects. My patients use it enthusiastically and often will purchase more to keep on hand at home. The natural ingredients are gentle and effective.
Clive Salmon D.P.M., Oxnard, CA

I would like to take time to let you know how much we use your product and the ways we have found it to be beneficial to our residents.

I work in a nursing home and we have found the Healing Formula to be very soothing to the skin. We have used it as skin prep prior to wound care. We have used it to clean skin that is very sensitive and prone to skin irritations. We have used it on skin underneath skin folds that are irritated by heat, yeast, pressure, etc., with very good results. We have used it to treat red, dry skin with very good results. We have used it in wet to dry dressing that are into open wounds and have really seen an increase in healing times. I am really glad we came across The Healing Formula and will continue to use it for a long time.
Linlee Eidell RN, BS, Director of Nursing

Thanks so much for letting me try The Healing Formula in April in LA. I was on the worst skin problems in 15 years of being an amputee. My socket is fitting a little off and I had been getting after it snowboarding for 3 weeks before I saw you at the ability expo. I used the healing formula at night when I went to bed to start the process. I actually used it during the day for about the first week I was home as well. The only problem was that putting my leg back on would usually break open the sore and make the process take longer. I believe this has a lot of potential for amputees. Most amps I know are always having "hot spots" to some degree or another. This product has a lot of positive qualities to help close up some of these problems. The healing formula started to close my sore after about one week. It had taken me all winter to open it up to where it was. I would definitely recommend this to other amputees out there with persistent skin problems.
Brent Kuemmerle

I'm so glad to tell you that my mother's bedsore is healed finally by treating with "the healing formula". Thanks a lot for the excellent solution!

My mother has more than 20 year’s diabetes history. She got a stroke 5 years ago and had to stay in bed after that as her left side became hemiplegy. She has been suffering from bedsore for about two years. At the beginning of her bedsore, my family tried many different medicines and formula to treat it but useless until we started using “the healing formula”. Mom’s bedsore is so hard to heal not only for the location but also for her diabetes. Since using “the healing formula”, the bed sore was getting better and better, surface of wound became smaller and finally healed!
Following pictures are recorded the healing process.
Guo Hong

Hello, My name is Regina Timm and I am from Ossineke, Michigan. I am writing on behalf of my husband who had an experience with your Healing Formula.

The end of August he fell from the bed scraping both of his legs on the metal bed frame. Now his legs have been bad for years after 2 open heart surgeries and vein stripping, and fluid on legs from congested heart failure. Well this as you can see in the picture was a mess, now what do we do. Went to emergency and he was given a "Restore Plus Hydrocolloid Dressing", by Hollister. Now this was at a Veterans Hospital as he is world- war 2 veteran. Ok so we put this on for 3 days, well let me tell you to get the wrap off just pulled more of the skin off so I knew would not work. In the meantime my sister-in-law called said they found something on the internet that healed her husband's bedsore would I want to try it. Well at this stage I'd try anything, so I went and got her bottle and began using it. I done as directed wrapped the legs with the gause and wet Healing Formula for 4 days, after 4 days I could see a change and thought now we give the legs air, but how will I get the solution on without rubbing. Got the brain storm spray bottle, put the formula in the bottle and sprayed legs 3 and 4 times a day, wow the difference began to show, people came over to visit and could see the difference. Little by little scabs formed legs got dryer as they weaped a lot, as month went on more drying more scabs and then scabs just fell off and now we have the legs back in better shape than when we first started. Cream is just rubbed on them now, what a miracle you saved his legs. Through this all I am talking about your formula, others have sent for it that you one for me and 2 for my friends. I would also like some or your pamplets to pass around, things are buzzing here, even our clinic Dr. for interested in it and I copied your pamplet for them and others but would like your original. So this is the story of 2 people in their 80's. I have since used this for a stove burn, wonderful, and arm scrape from a fall, wonderful, there is no limit I even want to recommend it for shingles, have you heard anything on that?

Thank you for all your help and in the future.
Regina Timm, Ossineke, MI

Well I was very skeptical when I purchased your product and thought of it as a last effort to stay out of the hospital and operating room.

I am a c5-c6 quadriplegic and had areas on both my hips open up at almost the same time. I stayed in bed for weeks and tried lots of things to heal up but nothing worked. After 3 months of using your solution 2 times a day and staying off my hips at night my sores are almost gone. I also drink a protein drink 2 times a day and take a multiple vitamin but your solution made all the difference in the world. I started taking pictures each week after the second week and will send you a sampling when I am totally healed. Thank You again for such a great product.
Dale Whalen, Forest Park, IL



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